to the land of Vermut

Las Vermudas, Land of Vermouth

A vermouth country?
Yes, Las Vermudas: an essential destination for vermouth lovers and for those who want to discover this authentic treasure of the Mediterranean culture.
This archipelago composed of three islands: Great Vermuda, Gilda, Bitter Island and the islet of “The Ice”, has diplomatic delegations, its own sovereign currency: the “Vermudollar” and, of course, its own Constitution.
The mission of Las Vermudas is to advocate as superior values the passion for vermouth, appetizers, good food and friendship.

Visit our branches

Consulate of Sant Antoni

Carrer de Calàbria, 39, 08015 Barcelona

Embassy of Gracia

Carrer del Robí, 32, 08024 Barcelona

Las Vermudas University

Carrer Viladomat 107. 08015 Barcelona

Visit our diplomatic headquarters: new concept, contemporary, fresh and detailed vermouth bars, which offer an incredible variety of vermouths from around the world, cocktails based on them and dishes made with top quality products

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