“The mission of Las Vermudas University is the dissemination of the vermouth and amari culture, the study, dissemination of its history, research and development of its future.
vermouth and amari , the study, dissemination of its history, research and development of its future.”

Vermouth Workshops

Art and vermouth meet in a perfect pairing: paint your own painting while enjoying Las Vermudas’ delicious vermouths accompanied with pica pica. Unleash your creativity, meet new friends, toast with the best vermouth: live an extraordinary experience and take home your own painting!

Learn how to taste vermouth and get to know the different varieties and schools. Discover your ideal vermouth through a fun sensory test. Taste your selection accompanied by a delicious Las Vermudas tapa.


Learn about the history, science and anecdotes of the oldest of spirits. Learn how to taste vermouth, learn about the different schools and create your own personalized vermouth: You will take home your own bottle!


The vermouth is not only the prince of aperitifs, it is also the king of cocktails. Learn how to taste vermouth and how to prepare the iconic cocktails that have marked the history of mixology.


Cocktail Workshops

Learn the art of seducing through
A sensual journey that will take you to discover aphrodisiac ingredients and prepare three exciting cocktails that you will savor accompanied by sexy tapas


There are movies that would not be the same without them: learn how to prepare some of the cocktails that have gone down in history thanks to celluloid. feel like a star of the cinema while savoring three excellent
mixtures prepared by you under the guidance of our mixologist.
It’s showtime baby!

Become a real bartender!
Discover the techniques to perform any kind of mix. It does not matter if for a party or to enjoy alone, at end of the workshop you will know how to perform an infinity of delicious cocktails and above all, well acts!


Shall we stay?

Get closer to the fascinating world of vermouth and learn to taste it through a social and entertaining event.
Celebrate vermouth time with the other participants by accompanying your appetizer with a selection of delicious tapas from Las Vermudas.

• Tasting, secrets and preparation of the vermouth

• Must-have cocktails

• Networking: vermouth time


• Bodega Padró (Tarragona, España)

• Vermouth Museum (Reus, España)

• Cellar Noilly  Prat (Maesellan,Francia).


Are you looking for an original and entertaining way to celebrate a special occasion? Our workshops and events are the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, a bachelor party, an important date or a get-together with friends and colleagues.
Choose from our proposals the perfect experience for you and your guests, or contact us so that we can develop a tailor-made experience together with you.
Make your event a memorable experience with a trip to Las Vermudas for you and your guests!

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Las Vermudas University offers:
Dedicated training and advice for bars and professionals in the sector:
Vermouth: history, science, varieties. Advice letter.
Amaros: history, science, varieties. Advice letter.
Vermouth-based cocktails: classic and modern cocktail techniques and recipes.
Amaros-based cocktails: classic and modern cocktail techniques and recipes.

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