We all tend to give a nickname to the things we love, a nice way to show love and express affection. However, nicknames can reveal a lot about some characteristics or circumstances from which they are inspired.  “Siset” is the affectionate nickname by which Montserrat Mascaró, current producer of the homonymous vermouth, used to call her grandfather Narciso (Narciset) Mascaró, to whom she owes the original recipe for this delicious 100% Catalan vermouth, as revealed in our latest interview on the Vermupedia of Las Vermudas.
Siset is the affectionate nickname with which Montserrat Mascaró used to call her grandfather Narciso (Narciset) Mascaró
Narciso “Siset” Mascaró was, in the 40s of the last century, the person in charge of the first distillations of the Mascaró winery, which over time has become a company of absolute prestige in the production of Catalan distillates, exported and recognized all over the world. We have just revealed the first of the great secrets of this delicious vermouth: the alcohol used to reinforce the vermouth has been distilled with great wisdom for more than 80 years in the Mascaró winery’s own facilities.
“To produce this vermouth we distill holandas (wine alcohol, NdR) and age them in our American oak barrels, bought by my grandfather himself, Narciso Mascaró”, explains Montserrat Mascaró with sublime elegance, “We distill holandas from the native Ugni Blanc grape that we grow on one of our two estates, the Mas Miquel estate, formerly owned by the monks of the neighboring Cistercian Monastery of Santes Creus in Tarragona.” And here, Montserrat also reveals the second great secret of Siset vermouth: the wine. The native grapes grown on the same estates as Bodega Mascaró outline the flavor and essence of this vermouth.

The lands where the grapes are grown for the production of Siset vermouth were formerly owned by the monks of the neighboring Cistercian Monastery of Santes Creus in Tarragona.
The grapes grown on the same farm, the wine made on site and the alcohol distilled and aged with great mastery. Only the great secret is missing: the 30 botanicals carefully selected to respect a single law: the balance of flavors. Tradition in the cellar together with a mysterious aromatic bouquet make Siset vermouth a unique and inimitable Catalan vermouth. A vermouth that perfectly embodies the philosophy of the Mascaró family: “from the vineyard to the bottle“

Vermouth Siset: a traditional elaboration with aromas of liquorice, other aromatics, a slight balsamic touch and more than 30 different botanicals, carefully selected to drink it neat, with ice and an orange twist. Siset is a vermouth with a great intensity of flavor in the mouth and with an excellent balance between acidity and bitterness. A sweet entry, a slight bitter evolution in the mouth and an elegant finish. Intense, long and fascinating, like the history of the Mascaró family.
Montserrat Mascaró, in the Heart of Penedés, has taken advantage of the burdensome “inheritance” of grandfather Siset to generate a Catalan vermouth worthy of being added to the great family of well-known and delicious distillates, wines and cavas from it.